Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hey guys - just a quick update - I HAVE MOVED! I have a new blog in collaboration with one of my fitness friends, Brittany.

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I also just wanted to let you guys know that I had my competition last weekend and I ended up placing first overall in the bikini division and ended up winning my pro card!!! Follow me on the rest of my journey at my other blog and thank you for viewing, subscribing and leaving feedback!! Hope to se you guys over there!! 

Here is my stage shot from when I won first place and my PRO CARD! So exciting :) 
Thanks everyone for all the support! 
xxxo Fit Felicia 

Monday, September 3, 2012


Hello everyone! How is everyone enjoying their Labor Day weekend? Mine has been pretty relaxing. Got some good workouts in, yummy food in my belly and some studying done. I've been thinking about doing a video blog, a "vlog," what do you guys think about that? I've been getting a lot of questions pertaining to my diet, workouts, daily routine, etc, and thought it would be easier to go into detail about those things via "vlog." I did try to make a video the other day on my computer, and when I played it back, there was no sound (lol). So I guess I have to figure out what the problem was before I go forward with any vlogging...but keep your eyes open for a vlog entry in the near future. Would you guys like that more? I think it would be a bit more personal and you guys could connect with me on a greater level :)

My first week back at school was pretty stressful...I'm taking seven classes as well as working directly after my classes mon-fri until 6:30 and then getting my gym time in. I've been trying to figure out a set schedule for me to follow that would be the least stressful for me to follow on a daily basis. It's been hard sticking to my diet while sitting through back-to-back classes. I've been doing meal preps, where I cook meals for the entire week, which helps me in the morning getting food together, and I do really recommend meal prepping on say, a Sunday night, to get all of your meals put together for the week ahead of you. The only downside to meal prep is that is incredibly time consuming. When I do meal prep for the week, it takes about 3 or 4 hours to cook everything as well as another 45 minutes cleaning up afterwards. Even though it is time consuming, it definitely makes my mornings a lot easier when getting food together. It cuts out from decision making and running around trying to put a healthy lunch together.

I've recieved a bunch of questions from people asking what I take for lunch with me to keep up with my meals during the day, so I wanted to give you guys some examples of things I've been making that keep me full and satisfied until my next meal.

One example of something that I make during my meal prep is tuna
This is so simple and fast to make and keeps fresh for the entire week. 
I separate the tuna into containers and grab one in the morning for my lunch box, 
pair it with an unsalted rice cake, and there you go - one meal ! 
I make my tuna using canned tuna in water.
I mix in Mrs. Dash garlic/onion seasoning (sodium free), 2 egg whites, and chopped up cherry tomato 
This meal I usually pair with a handful of almonds 

Another recipe that I've recently come to love is overnight oats. 
This meal I eat for breakfast because it's a little bit higher in carbs and I like to get the majority of my carbs in with breakfast. 

Mix together:
1 cup water
1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk
3/4 cups oats
10 almonds
1/4 cup protein powder of your choice
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbs flaxseed
1/4 cup pumpkin puree
4 egg whites

Refrigerate overnight and heat up (2 minutes) in the morning and enjoy! 
This recipe is so easy to prep the night before and takes literally 2 minutes to heat up in the morning and enjoy! The oats get almost like a pudding consistency overnight and taste delicious the next day! This meal is incredibly filling and packed with nutrients - I love it! 

I don't want to make this entry too long with recipes, so I'll stop there and add some more recipes on my next post. I have a delicious new protein pancake recipe that I've been using. I'll put the picture up on today's post to keep you guys wanting more :) 


I also wanted to add my most recent posing pictures for you guys..I got my shoes in the mail the other day and now posing practice is in full swing :) I'm getting super excited for my competition - you guys have no idea! 
 (sorry, Derek got in the top picture haha)

Most competitors take up posing classes to learn how to pose and what the judges are looking for, but I'm trying to do everything myself. I've been doing a lot of research and video watching and have been working really hard to get my own personalized pose. It's all about posing in ways that best reflect the symmetry and best assets of your figure. I think so far I've been doing pretty good working on my stage presence and poses. I really need to concentrate most on posture, however..that's what's been getting me. 

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Labor Day and have a great week back to school / work! 

Keep an eye out for my protein pancake recipe and even a vlog in the next post!!!!

Fitness Felicia 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hi hi hi hi everyone! I know I said I was back, and I promise I always, I've been busy as a bee working full time and hittin the gym and enjoying the last few weeks of my summer. But I'm still here! Tonight is my VERY LAST NIGHT of summer and I cannot believe how fast it went :( 4 more semesters of college and I am officially done. So excited. Training for my competition has made me more motivated than ever to share my knowledge as well as learn from others, and has made me super excited to begin my career and see where it takes me!

I am currently 8 weeks out for my competition and am feeling pretty good. I've been getting to the gym 5 days a week, doing weights mixed with cardio 4 days a week and an hour of cardio on the 5th day. I've been focusing on doing high reps and light weights to really burn fat and tone up. Yesterday I started my new supplements for my competition and I should be seeing and feeling some new results within the next few weeks!
Derek and I went to our first NPC competition last night and I LOVED it. All the competitors looked really great and it made me more excited than ever to get my butt on stage. October 20th couldn't come any quicker! I didn't get many great pictures, but this is one of the pictures of the two girls who competed in the physique division 

I wanted to share with you guys a (genius) idea that I came up with today while shopping. Like I said, I've recently started using my new supplements, and there is a LOT of them to take. I am taking some in the morning, afternoon and evening. Having so many pills, I needed something to keep them all together but needed a way to determine which ones to take AM, afternoon and PM. Most pill containers only have an AM and PM slot, which for me, won't do. Also, the slots are usually pretty tiny and can only hold a few pills at a time. So...while shopping, I found an ICE CUBE TRAY with a lid to separate all my supplements! I use one row for AM, one row for afternoon, and one row for PM. Because it has a lid, I can shove it into my book bag and take it with me to school and not worry about missing my afternoon vitamins. The tray was 3.99 (most vitamin holders start at $10.00) - so it was a STEAL for me! Derek loved the idea and is going out to buy his own tray tomorrow :) 

For tonight's post, I wanted to share with you guys a new recipe that I've recently become in LOVE with. My diet has been extremely strict the past few weeks and is only getting stricter. I've been craving so many things, peanut butter being one of them. To satisfy my craving, I made peanut butter protein cookies (inspired by a fellow instagramer) ..and they were delissshh!! The recipe is SO easy, only a few ingredients, and takes about 5 minutes total to make. YUM!
2 tbs All natural Peanut Butter
1 tbs honey
1 scoop Protein Powder of your choice (I used chocolate optimum nutrition)
1 tbs Water
Mix the peanut butter and honey together and microwave until bubbly (about 45 seconds)
Add scoop of protein to the honey/PB mix, stir until dry and crumbly. 
Add 1 tbs of water (or as much as you need until mix becomes of dough-like consistancy)
Mix together, roll into balls and place onto tray
Flatten balls with a fork as you would PB cookies
Freeze 45 minutes and enjoy! 

Do any of you guys have INSTAGRAM? It's a lot easier for me to share things with people through instagram lately. You guys can follow me at fitfelicia24 if you do and see all my progress pictures and recipes ! 

So guys, that's the update for tonight. I have another delicious protein recipe to share with you guys for tomorrow's post, so make sure you check it out! I know that summer is coming to an end, but even though you're not going to be frolicking in shorts and bikinis any longer, keep at your workouts and clean eating! Don't wait until new year's to start working out again, save your resolution for something far more interesting and original :) I'll be posting new workouts and yummy recipes for you guys in the next few posts to keep everyone motivated! I hope everyone is going to enjoy the last few weeks of their summer :) 

xxxox Fitness Felicia