Exercise Routines

Felicia's Figure Model Workout:

Day 1: Chest and shoulders and cardio
Day 2: Back and triceps and abs 
Day 3: Lower Body and cardio 
Day 4: Traps and triceps 
Day 5: Cardio and abs 

Day 1:  Chest, Shoulders and Cardio

-warm up- (10-12 minutes of the cardio of your choice)

Resistance band front raises - 3 sets - 15-25 reps
-superset with-
Barbell bench press - 3 sets - 15-25 reps 

Stability ball dumbbell flies - 3 sets - 15-20 reps 
-superset with- 
Leaning dumbbell lateral raises - 3 sets - 15-20 reps 

Incline dumbbell chest press - 3 sets - 15-20 reps 
drop set last set 

Arnold Press - 3 sets - 15-20 reps 
drop set last set 

Complete workout with 25-30 minutes of the cardio of your choice
*I did my cardio earlier in the day before my workout, if you don't want to do the cardio at the end of the workout, just make sure you get some type of cardio in at some point during your day*

Terms used with this workout that you may be unfamiliar with:
Superset: A superset is when you do two different exercises as one set. Right after completing the first exercise, immediately move into the next exercise. That is one set. 

Drop set: A drop set is when you use a lighter weight right after your last rep of the exercise. Keep pumping out more reps until you can't go any longer

If you guys want pictures for any of these exercises, just let me know :) 


KayKay, you asked me for some exercise ideas, so here are a few you can chose from: 
overhead dumbbell triceps extension

triceps kickbacks (get your elbow up a bit higher, this picture isn't that great)

overhead tricep extensions with cables

skull crushers 

tricep cable pulldowns 


Now, for today's challenge! I was back in the gym today, working on my lower body. My challenge of the day was the 10,000 pound workout.Yup, 10,000 pounds! 
The original 10,000 pound workout is meant to be done with just one exercise. With that exercise, you take the weight that you are working with, multiply that weight by 10,000 and that answer is how many repetitions of that one exercise you do. 
For example, you are doing deadlifts at 150 lbs 
10,000 / 150 = 66.6 (round to 67) to get to 10,000 pounds. 

I switched my 10,000 lb workout up a bit. Instead of doing one exercise, I decided to incorporate a bunch of different exercises until I reached 10,000 lbs, so that I wasn't just doing 1 exercise the entire time. Here's how my workout went: 

Romanian (Stiff Leg) Deadlifts:

Sumo Deadlift:

(make sure you keep those toes pointed outwards to really engage those glute muscles!) 

Dumbbell Sumo Squat:

(sorry, not very flattering photos - and keep those toes out to engage those glute muscles again!)

Cable Kickbacks (my favorite exercise!):

Leg Press ( I didn't take a picture of this one)

Seated Leg Curls (no picture)

Standing Dumbbell Calf Raises 


I made these videos to give you guys a few exercises you can do outside, just so you all have some visuals, but the possibilities of what you can do are endless! Below is the complete workout, so check it out!

Warm Up:
60 seconds of jumping jacks immediately followed by 60 seconds of high knees 

3 sets of 10 elevated pushups 
(if elevated pushups are too difficult, do regular pushups on a flat surface) 

3 sets of 15 overhead triceps extensions

30 tricep dips

2 sets of 30 uphill walking lunges: body weight or holding weights
(if uphill is too difficult, try on flat surface. Also, be sure to keep proper form and keep your knee over your ankle to not cause stress on your knees)

30 plyometric jumps

100 meter sprints 
(if sprints are too difficult, go for a short, 5 min jog or fast paced walk)

100 crunches

2 sets of 60 second planks 

2 sets of 20 oblique crunches


Fitness Felicia's BIG BOOTY Workout

Warm up:
Body Weight Sumo Squats15-20 reps
I will upload picture for description 

2 minutes rest

Weighted Sumo Squats12-15 reps (3-4 sets, 1 1/2 min rest in between sets)
I will upload picture for description

2 minutes rest

Stiff Leg Deadlift: 10-12 reps (4 sets, 1 1/2-2 min rest in between sets)
I will upload picture for description 

2 minutes rest

Cable Kickbacks: 15-20 reps (3-4 sets, 1/2 min rest in between sets)
I will upload picture for description

2 minutes rest
Weighted Squats: 8-10 reps (4 sets, 2 min rest in between sets)
I will upload pictures for description
For this exercise, depending on how advanced you are in working out, you can use body weights, dumbbells or the barbell - all are effective 

Complete this workout once a week. Mix a cardio routine and/or ab workout with this workout as well. I would recommend doing the stair master or walking/running uphill for cardio (about 15-20 minutes post workout)


3 exercises, 60 seconds on (20 sec each exercise), 30 seconds off, repeat 3 times - see how many reps for each exercise you can get for each round. 

I did this challenge at the end of my workout, so my back and bi's were already pretty fatigued. Obviously I would have gotten up to more reps if I had done this at the beginning of my workout. I purposely did this challenge at the end of my workout so I wouldn't fatigue my muscles before I even started the bulk of my workout.The video below is of my first set of this challenge. I only taped one set of it, I didn't want to bore everyone with a whole 4 minute long video. (see? I'm always keeping my readers in mind!!) 

The exercises for this challenge are:
Alternating Dumbbell Bicep Curls (20 sec)
One-Legged Bent Over Dumbbell Row (20 sec)
Hammer Dumbbell Curls (20 sec) 
Total time: 4 1/2 minutes 
I did give myself 3 seconds to switch weights, I didn't factor that into the whole 4/12 minutes


I tried a new exercise in my workout today: elevated bosu ball pushups and elevated stability ball pushups. I really, really liked these two new exercises and will definitely keep adding them to my workout routines. 

I first used the stability ball for my pushups. I put both legs onto the top of the stability ball, hands on the ground in front of me, and slowly walked out with my hands until my body was straight. Once in the elevated pushup position, I preformed 10 pushups on the stability ball. Rest and repeat 3 times.
Using the stability ball really, really helps exercise your core strength while working your chest and triceps muscles as well. Being a bit unstable on the stability ball really helps to shock your body and allows you to focus on form and doing the exercise slowly, but correctly. 
The stability ball pushups are a more advanced exercise. I would not advise a beginner to try this exercise. 


400 reps, 4 exercises: COMPLETED!
I ALMOST gave up towards the ends, my shoulders had quite a burn going on...but I kept all of you in mind and did not want to disappoint anyone, and you know what? I.KEPT.GOING!  
I did switch up the exercises I did, however. Instead of doing dumbbell shrugs, I completed my workout with resistance band upright rows superset with front lateral raises. A superset is doing one exercise immediately following another exercise as one set.
Below is the description of the exercises that I did today. (Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry, they were taken from my cellphone)

I started off with stability ball dumbbell press. Make sure when doing this, your back is kept straight the entire time and you're looking straight ahead. Start with your elbows just about in line with your shoulders. 
Next, press upwards with your dumbbells, being sure not to lock out your arms. 
Return to start position. That is one rep. 
I used 8 lb dumbbells and did 25 reps for 4 sets = 100 reps 

Next, I did a leaning dumbbell lateral raise. Start by holding onto something that will be stable, and lean towards the side that you are holding the weight on.
Lift upward, with your dumbbell going just about in line with your shoulder. Slowly bring back down to start position. That is one rep.
For this exercise, I did 25 reps with 5 lb dumbbells for 4 sets = 100 reps

For my final exercise, I did a superset with resistance bands of front lateral raises and upright rows. Start with your feet standing on the middle of the resistance band, holding the band at your sides. 
Next, raise both hands forward, in line with your shoulders. Slowly return back to start position. That is one rep. I completed 25 reps of this exercise and then moved onto upright rows. The start position was the same as above.
From the start position, bring arms up to chest, elbows again in line with your shoulders. Slowly return back to start for one rep. 
I completed 25 reps of each exercise for 2 sets and did 50 reps for my final set = 100 reps 

Upon completion of my workout, I did a quick ab workout consisting of decline crunches with an 8 lb medicine balls as well as oblique crunches. If you would like a description of those exercises, just let me know. I also did 25 min of my cardio HIIT training.


One-Legged Bent-over Dumbbell Row
And I must say, I really liked it and will be adding this new exercise to my back routines. I really liked this exercise because you are on one leg and feeling very unstable, so it forces you to focus on form while also working on strengthening your core. Below are pictures (of me!) doing the exercise: 
First, begin with two dumbbells (lighter weight will be easier to start off with until you perfect your balance. I am using 10 lb dumbbells here), and stand should width apart.

Next, lean over, arms fully extended, and lift one leg of the ground, keeping your back straight. 
tip: it helps to focus on one point while doing this exercise to help keep your balance

Bring your arms towards your chest while leaning forward, keeping back straight. You will be bending your leg that is still grounded slightly, putting some strain on it. 
Finally, return to position with arms extended.
I did 10 reps of this row and then switched legs and did another 10 rows. 

NOTE: this exercise is a more advanced exercise. If you are new to working out, or are unsure about your balance, practice this exercise by keeping both feet grounded, but doing everything else the same; bend over (KEEPING THAT BACK STRAIGHT! - always, always, always focus on form. Form is extremely important) and complete your rows. 



  1. Who says exercise can only be done at home and at the gym? Those videos you made can help those who like to jog every morning or afternoon. It’s good to jog, but it’s better to do more while doing it! You won’t even have to worry about your exercise tools, because some of them are already by the park or the roadside. :) Why don’t you try it with your friends?

  2. Thank you for those sample exercises, Felicia. Fitness buffs and enthusiasts will certainly keep those tips in mind when you do their workouts. I’m kinda interested in your 10,000 pound workout, and I like your modified version. By incorporating different exercises, you can work on different areas of your body until you reached the 10,000 lbs. challenge. It should also starting slow and not strain your body to do the intense workout.

  3. I love this blog! I just started following you on IG which led me here, and I find you very motivating. Way to be a badass! The pics of your routine are especially helpful!!!


  4. Can you post pics of your Day 5? I need good ideas for my abs. I have a skinny middle but i'm trying to put some muscle on it..any tips?

  5. Those are high-intensity workouts and are really helpful to achieve a leaner and healthier body. For people who want to try a high-intensity workout, though, it would be best to start with low-intensity workouts first to build up your endurance. Don’t push yourself too hard. Do it slowly to make the exercise effective for you.